Visual Mental Arithmetic

Emphasis more on Mental methods than use of abacus tool. Increased Confidence. Proficiency in Maths and Problem Solving Capability  


More than Just Abacus

Powerful modules containing more than 100+ proprietary techniques like Super Fast Tables, Super Fast Addition, Subtraction where students learn techniques that helps in academic excellence apart from Brain Development 


Simplest and Fastest Mental Math

We use IOTA 9beads Bharat Abacus along with 100+ proprietary methods developed by IITians. Students master abacus in less than a month and take less than 3 to 6 months to do advance operations. 


100% Aligned to CBSE/ICSE Curriculum

Only Mental Arithmetic Program aligned to CBSE/ICSE curriculum with special focus on Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Algebra. Others focus only on Addition and Subtraction


Brain Development + Academic Excellence !!!

Is your child bored by the School Math?
Enroll for free and learn 100+ techniques all freely available on IOTA Website!!!
1000+ videos, 300+ worksheets, Designed by IITians, 100+ Virtual Tools

Best Fractions & Decimals Program for your Kid !

*Good Bye to Rote Learning !!!
*16 + Tools, Numerous Videos and Practice Modules. *Instant Results with in 3 to 6 months of training
*100% Mastery of basic concepts
*Aligned to CBSE/ICSE Curriculum
*Academic Excellence  
*Independently complete Home work
*Improves Concentration, Observation, Memory, Creativity
*More than 300+ videos to reinforce learning
 *Live Classes by experienced Teachers  

Course Curriculum

Course Pricing
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  • 3600 INR

    For 3 months ( Rs 1200/- per month)

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  • 3 months Subscription
  • 12 sessions of 1.5 hour
  • Weekend or Weekday Batch
  • Small Group Teaching
  • Printed Workbooks
  • 300+ videos
  • Online Practice/Tests
  • Online Virtual Manipulatives
  • Puzzles
  • Super Fast Mental Math

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About Our IOTA Programs 
 The IOTA Program, now more than 10 years old, has empowered Thousands of students across the India, 
helping them develop better study habits, improved concentration, and a more positive attitude towards learning.    
Discover what students and parents say about the India's finest after-school math and reading program

It has made everything at school a lot easier for them.  It keeps them more engaged in school and allows them to enjoy everything that they are doing there and enjoy that whole experience  

Mother of Class 2 child

IOTA has made my child more independent thinker in every way.  IOTA teaches you how to teach yourself to the point where you are self-sufficient and that is completely invaluable.

Hemant Jain
Father of Class 3 child

In life you need dedication, commitment and consistency. IOTA teaches you that.  IOTA helps to master lifetime skills in both Math and English

Mother of Class 4 child

Frequently Asked Questions

IOTA classes are 1 hour long and paced at twice a week. The schedule is flexible and can be customized to your child’s schedule. Students are also assigned practice worksheets and assignments as per their level of skill in concepts which can be completed on the platform in their own time.

More than 10 years ago, M.S.Nethrapal, an IIT and IIM alumnus, was inspired to find a better way to teach children man. He noticed that there was serious disconnect between the curriculum they need to master and the actual learning needs of the child. Over the next decade he and his brother M.S.Saikumar, painstakingly developed methods and materials that proved highly effective for students of all ages. The product was boon to many students and in the year 2010, he got his first success, where he noticed that one child from Class II had mastered Fractions and was three years ahead of the curriculum which no other system in the world was able to provide.  

[1] Easy to Learn: Our System can be mastered in lesser time and they are easy to learn. Other system like Chinese Abacus is difficult to learn and requires three years to master. Our system teaches simpler techniques without the use of abacus which can be mastered by even younger students. You don’t have to spend three years to just master mental arithmetic techniques in Addition, Subtraction. We also use 9Beads Abacus which is very simple to learn and students can master addition and subtraction within 3 to 6 months time instead of 3 years of rigorous training thus saving time and cost for the students.
[2] Higher Level Topics: Faster techniques in the following topics like Squares, Cubes, Fourth Power Square roots and Cube roots, Faster Methods in Fractions , Faster Methods in Algebra Faster Methods in Word Problems, Trigonometry etc
[3] Our Mental Arithmetic is a proprietary material called e-square-m mental arithmetic which is not available anywhere else.
[4]Programs enable right brain development in the child, enabling increased IQ etc. 

We have three pricing levels:
[1] Bronze Package-Parents can teach IOTA to students from Home. A monthly fee of Rs 500/- for online access and workbooks is charged. Our E-learning portal has videos and various online activities which will assist students to get best learning experience.
[2] Silver Package - In this student get access for Live/Classroom Sessions for 1 month. The monthly fees is Rs 1500/- per month.
[3] Gold Package - In this student get access to Live/Classroom sessions from Certified Teachers. The quarterly fees charged is Rs 4000/- for 3 months. 

Schools teach Math as rules and formulas and tend to focus more on standardised tests. IOTA builds on the school curriculum and teaches it in a way that helps children build mastery over concepts through visualizations, unlimited practice and an application-based approach. Instead of a broadcast, each student gets to learn 1-on-1 with their dedicated teacher, trained & certified to enable 360-degree learning.

Tables and Simple Division level can be directly enrolled without completing the other levels. Students of Grade 2 to 4 can directly enroll. However Students of Grade 1 should mandatorily complete atleast Level 2 before coming to Level 5. This is because, basic idea of addition is a must for Multiplication and without this students will not be able to complete super fast tables very easily.