IOTA Master Class for Grade 2 - Strategies in Addition and Subtraction with Carry

Learn from Subject Experts in just 4 classes

The webinar covered in 4 classes is useful for students in Grade 2 who find Long Subtraction with borrowing extremely difficuly. Even for simple questions like 13 -9, students finger count in multiple step. Designed by IITian. Mr Shyam, the program aims to inculcate the best strategies for learning addition and subtraction till 100. The Program provides live webinars along with practice quizzes, worksheets and videos for students. 

Saturday, 31 July 2021
11:00 AM IST

Live Webinar Session has ended now.









Agenda of Webinar 

Webinar is primarily aimed at students of Grade 2 who need training in addition and subtraction till 100.

Week 1-Strategies in Addition till 100

Complement Method, Numerous Strategies for Faster Addition
Date: 31/07/2021

Week 2- Strategies in Addition till 100

Using Simple Subtraction to do addition and other techniques
Date:  07/08/2021

Week 3/4- Strategies in Subtraction till 100

Numerous techniques to solve borrowing subtraction question very easily Date : 14/08/2021 and 21/08/2021